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  • OEM/ODM services

    Based on their requirements for clients, develop the newest third party consumables in short, by developing the mold together.

    Provide tailor-made solutions, such as using the different combo of the components or materials to meet customer’s special requirements.

    For those printer consumables not able to produce by ourselves. Providing outsourcing service from our own channels with strict quality checking. Fully technical supports.


    We guarantee the product we made meets or exceeds OEM products according to relative test standards, and all of our products are 100% pre-tested plus random test prior to leaving factory.

    We guarantee the 100% replacement or refund for any defective caused by manufacturing fault.

    Replacement Policy

    T&L accept the return or replacement of any defective product due to workmanship or raw materials defects before expire date.
    Replaced products, or confirmed RMA Credit would be applied into client's next purchases.

    Return Policy

    In case of a return-to-factory(RTF) is requested, Maetone will form up a team with our customer services and QA Department, after communicating with customer and analyze the case internally, we will come into an agreement with customer to determine whether or not it’s necessary to initiate RTF procedure, during the whole process we will help customer with urgent support e.g. inventories fill up if necessary.

    For those defective products, customer is required to keep them for further deployment that is mutually agreed between customer andT&L.

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